The Government of the Czech Republic declared the State of Emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic in accordance with Articles 5 and 6 of Constitutional Act of law No. 110/1998 Coll., On the Security of the Czech Republic due to a health threat in connection with proving the occurrence of coronavirus (referred to as SARS CoV-2).

There is no need to write long that life has changed for everyone in one day in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, there are moments when even in these difficult times people help themselves quickly and without claiming any financial gain. The evidence is the story that happened in our company STAEG.

The director of the construction company, Miloš Kotlán, was asked by Dr. Robert Rajci if he could help the hospital in Vyškov. The hospital had so far used only a temporary tent to check patients. "This shelter was completely unsuitable for the given purposes and, due to the weather, also quite unkind for the medical staff. In addition, the wind relocated it several times. That’s why we immediately agreed on an instant loan of a Portakabin," said Miloš Kotlán.

The Portakabin is located just behind the hospital entrance. It serves as a detention center for the control of incoming patients with suspected coronavirus disease. "I would like to thank my colleague Ivana Čutková for organizing the whole matter very quickly and the Portakabin was moved near the hospital in a very short time. Michal Vala also has the lion's share in it, and my thanks also go to him, “concluded Kotlán.